MUSICAL ASSEMBLY: Fort Wayne Philharmonic quartet entertains Mary Raber youngsters

COLUMBIA CITY — Seldom do you see an orchestra at an elementary school.Students and staff at Mary Raber Elementary School got a special visit from some of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic’s string section Wednesday.Members of the Meadowlark Quartet warmed up their instruments as the children entered the gymnasium.The children used their active listening skills to hear the beautiful sounds of two violins, a viola and a cello playing J.S. Bach’s greatest hits.Violinist Marey Trentacosti welcomed the children and told them the philharmonic featured 44 full-time musicians.“We are four of those full time musicians,” said Trentacosti. “Part of our job is to go to schools like yours and teach you about these instruments. We represent the biggest part of the orchestra, the string section.”Deb Welter, viola player, told the children about the bows of the instruments while Olga Yurkova plays first violin in the quartet and told the youngsters about Bach’s music.Cellist Jane Heald explained how the three different instruments played the same notes but at different octaves.“It takes a lot of practice to become a musician. Lots of practice,” said Welter.