NATIONAL SPOTLIGHT: Larry King segment to be shot at The Hearth

FORT WAYNE — The Hearth at Sycamore Village in Fort Wayne has been selected for a full-length feature segment on InView with Larry King, and the plans have been made to begin shooting Tuesday. Maria Lisi, regional marketing director in Syracuse, New York, said the segment will air this fall on either the Discovery Channel or Bravo.“They choose different topics,” said Lisi. “We are involved in one centered around seniors.”Lisi said any one of Hearth Management’s twelve locations could have used to shoot the segment, but she said they are very proud of the Indiana location.Hearth Management’s focus on caring for both the patient’s physical and emotional needs is the reason Lisi believes they were chosen for the segment.As camera crews shoot on Tuesday, Lisi will be in attendance to watch the process come together.To learn more about a Hearth Management community and their ‘Live more” philosophy visit