NDP: National Day of Prayer

COLUMBIA CITY — The Whitley County National Day of Prayer (NDP) team kicked off a month of praying for the community with a 5k Run, Walk for Jesus event April 28. The run began at The Center with Pastor Tom Beers, from the Nazarene church, leading the racers in prayer. Afterwards, the participants warmed up in The Center where Julie Bock, Christy Shew and Kim Bolinger, the event planners, gave out awards.Cookies were baked and passed out to the local firefighters, police officers and volunteer firemen during the NDP month by the Whitley County NDP team. Although the NDP is celebrated all month long, May 3 was the official day.On that day, the NDP team provided a breakfast at Grace Lutheran Church for local pastors and government leaders.During the breakfast, Mayor Daniel declared May 3, a time of prayer for Columbia City.Pastor Johnny MacCallister led the prayer for government leaders. Dale Haupert led the prayer for pastors and their families.The Ministerial Association had a prayer at the gazebo on the courthouse lawn at noon.Local pastors led attendees in prayer for the country and its leaders.First Church of God opened up its sanctuary for anyone interested in praying for the community and country that day.On the evening of May 3, Community of Hope Church hosted a NDP event for the community.Pastor Steve Johnson from Oak Grove Church of God, Pastor Jason Tash from New Hope Wesleyan Church and Pastor Jeremy Wike from Community of Hope Church were the main speakers.Adam Sidler from First Church of God provided special music along with Howard and Jody Lowen.The program ended at the courthouse with the crown holding hands and praying in a circle that encompassed the courthouse.On May 26, the Kingdom Cruisers, a local chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, met at Big G’s for a meeting. After the meeting, the Kingdom Cruisers’ president, Judy Marker had a member of the Whitley County NDP team give a short devotion on prayer.To find out more information on the National Day of Prayer, visit www.nationaldayofprayer.org.