NEPOTISM: City Council passes policy

COLUMBIA CITY — A resolution on a policy prohibiting nepotism was passed on an emergency basis at the Columbia City Common Council meeting Tuesday.At the council’s last meeting, Attorney Marcia McNagny brought the information to the board, informing them the resolution would need to be passed as soon as possible to meet the July 1 deadline.McNagny explained to the council at its last meeting that nepotism is the favoring of relatives in the workplace, and the hiring of family members without full consideration to their qualifications or other interested applicants, will be officially prohibited by law.Mayor Ryan Daniel said all governmental entities are passing resolutions or ordinances like this one.“This is something that cities and towns and counties across the board are all passing,” said Daniel to the council. “We do actually have strong policies in place, but we still need to pass a resolution.”At the last meeting Daniel also asked McNagny how many times a contract would have to be filled out if someone was a relative who regularly did business with the city. McNagny answered him saying she believed it would be a contract good for the entire year, and Daniel reminded the council of that discussion again.The council passed the resolution on first reading on an emergency basis.