NEW COMMUNICATIONS: Co. Commissioners give the go ahead

COLUMBIA CITY — With the County Commissioners giving the Whitley County Notification System a go ahead at Monday’s meeting, subscribed Whitley County residents will be able to receive instant community info after Nov. 1.Daniel Weigold, city councilman, explained to the commissioners how the service will work through Nixle Community Information Service, a notification service for law enforcement and government agencies.“The best thing about this is it’s free with no cost to anybody, and it’s also not mandated,” said Weigold. “If we have a missing child or something like a road closure that might be something that somebody might need to know.”Weigold said many departments are involved in the alerts including the Whitley County Emergency Management and the County Highway Department as well as dispatchers.“It’s been a countywide effort and the cooperation has been incredible,” said Weigold.According to a press release, Whitley County residents can register online at and decide which local agencies they want to receive information from, as well as how they want to receive that information through either email, text message or via the web.