New faces take seats on boards

COLUMBIA CITY — Several new appointments to county boards were announced to the Whitley County Board of Commissioners last week.David Sewell, Whitley County’s Building and Planning Department Executive Director, contacted the commissioners regarding a recommended new member to the county’s Board of Zoning Appeals.“I would like to recommend Tim Denihan as a citizen member of the Whitley County Board of Zoning Appeals,” said Sewell in a letter to the three-man board.Denihan was recommended and approved by the commission to replace Michelle “Mike” Judd, who served on the BZA for 20 years and indicated she did not wish to continue.According to the Building and Planning Department, the Feb. 22 meeting of the BZA will be Judd’s last meeting.The BZA is also short another board member.Former member Mark Roach gave up his spot on the board after being elected as the Union Township Trustee in the last election.The Building and Planning Department said his spot would be filled by the Whitley County Council, but that a replacement had not yet been found.Denihan begins his four-year term March 1.The Whitley County Health Department reported to the commissioners that Dr. Donald Richey’s term on the county’s Health Department Board expired Dec. 31, 2010. Richey asked to be replaced on the board.Columbia City veterinarian Michael Mawhorter was named to replace Richey.The health department board recommended Mawhorter and the commissioners approved the appointee.