New owners take over magic at local course

   The unique golf course well-known around the area for its night golf has new ownership running things.
   Roughly a month ago, former owner Kent Miller sold the golf course — on the corner of state Route 9 and county road 500 north — to Russel Fahl.
   According to son-in-law Ryan Cook, who will be running the course with his wife, the course was something that interested Fahl as a former resident of the area.
   “He’s from this area and I live right down the street,” Cook said. “I guess he’s always enjoyed the property because he used to live there years ago and thought it would be a good purchase.
   “When I approached Kent I think they maybe thought it was time to sell.”
   In its years of existence, Magic Hills’ main attraction has been night golf.
   Fluorescent lights cover the nine-hole course and have given residents late-night entertainment. Cook says that will not change.
   “We’re still going to stress the night golf,” Cook noted. “That will not change.”
   As for changes golfers should expect when the course opens April 1, Cook doesn’t foresee major ones.
   “We’re going to make some changes to the clubhouse,” Cook said. “Nothing drastic but paint it, clean it up and get a little more food in here.”
   Whitley County’s least expensive place to golf will have a minor price increase coming this season.
   Walking golfers will see a dollar increase from $4 to $5 in the day and $7 at night.
   Cart fees will cost $7 during the day and $14 at night.
   Leagues will be the main push under new ownership trying to attract new groups of golfers.
   “We’re going to try to get more leagues and outings involved,” Cook commented.
   This will be Cook’s first time running a golf course but he does hold prior experience in recreation business.
   Under his father, Cook ran what is now Main Bowl in Columbia City but was named Cook Lanes during his time there.