NEXT PHASE: WCCS studies next step for Eagle Tech

COLUMBIA CITY — The Whitley County School Corporation Board met Monday evening in a work session that included a summary of this year’s Eagle Tech operation and also received information on the next phase of renovation and construction at the former Marshall Center.Eagle Tech Principal Brady Mullett began the session by presenting an overview of some of the successes the program has seen. Mullett noted that the program presented a personalized approach that allowed for more interaction between students and faculty and that the open concept also allowed for a less intrusive interaction by administrators.Mullett said the open spaces allowed for more collaboration between students on projects that were both rigorous and relevant.Mullett presented quotations from students in his presentation. “It has helped me mature as a person. I’m comfortable talking to people and comfortable presenting to them,” said Drake Dewitt.“Eagle Tech has impacted me through the facilitators and the joy people have in coming to school. It really makes a difference walking into this building,” Stacy Quinn said.“Eagle Tech has really changed my way of thinking in a good way. If I took a video of when I first came in here and now, I would think ‘who was that other girl who couldn’t speak in public’,” said Julia Leo.Mullett noted that the faculty at Eagle Tech has also responded to the program, with two of the teachers being invited to speak at a national conference on project based learning.Construction costs for phase three were estimated on those incurred for phases one and two with adjustments for inflation. The total projected construction costs total $1,763,000. The proposed schedule for completion of phase three includes approval of the project at the May 21st meeting, an approval of construction documents in July, receiving bids in August, with a start of construction also in August, all in anticipation of completion and move-in in July of 2013.