NO FLAME: Burn ban extended; to be considered every two weeks

COLUMBIA CITY — At the Whitley County Commissioners’ meeting Monday, the board voted to continue the burn ban and to consider it every two weeks.Present at the meeting, Cathy Broxon-Ball, EMA director, approached the board informing commissioners that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has designated 36 Indiana counties as primary natural disaster areas due to losses caused by the ongoing drought. The counties were named as of Thursday, and the Farmers Service Agency (FSA) said farmers in eligible counties can apply for loans to help cover part of their losses.Broxon-Ball suggested the commissioners continue to make decisions on whether or not to extend the ban every commissioners’ meeting.Commissioner Tom Rethlake said there are times when the board does not meet for three weeks and within that amount of time, there may be the appropriate amount of rain to curb the ban.“Certainly then we’re going to be retracting,” said Rethlake. Rethlake made the motion that the commissioners consider the ban every two weeks starting Monday. The next decision concerning the burn ban will be made July 30.