NO HEN-PECKING ALLOWED: City council shuns chicken ordinance

COLUMBIA CITY — In Tuesday’s meeting, the Columbia City Common Council recommended back to the Animal Ordinance Committee that they would not like to see a chicken ordinance.The discussion was brought up after Robin Lahrman made a presentation at the council’s last meeting April 10, suggesting there be a change to the city’s ordinance to allow chickens (hens) in city limits.Mayor Ryan Daniel addressed the council in Tuesday’s meeting asking them to talk about the feedback they received as well as their own concerns.“People are very adamant, whether pro or con,” said Weigold. “It’s interesting how strongly opinionated people are on this issue.”Several of the council members said they heard a majority of negative feedback with people asking how this would be regulated and who would regulate it. This posed many questions for the council.“Are we creating another issue that we are going to have to address?” asked councilman Weigold. “Some people will maintain their chickens appropriately and some will not.”After discussing these issues, the Council decided to send its recommendation back to the Animal Ordinance Committee.