OCRA GRANT: Mayor asks citizens to return surveys

COLUMBIA CITY — The City of Columbia City will be sending out an income survey to a portion of the city’s population as it takes steps to try to secure a grant which would help pay for a Comprehensive Community Development Plan.According to Mayor Ryan Daniel, the Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) grant would pay for approximately 90 percent of the study.“Our comprehensive plan is a bit outdated,” said Mayor Daniel. “Fur-thermore, I think having a plan of action and goals for the future — and steps to get toward that future is very important.”According to Mayor Daniel, the survey, which is spear-headed by Grant Administrator Lori Ship-man, will be mailed out at random in the next week or two, stating certain income ranges and asking citizens to answer where they fall in those ranges.“It does not have any personal information like names or anything like that,” said Mayor Daniel. “It is completely confidential in that way.”The study will also ask questions such as: How many people are in the household?After citizens fill out the survey and drop the post card in the mail, Mayor Daniel said the surveys will be calculated as the percentage of low to moderate income households in Columbia City have to be reported. “We have to be above a 51 percent threshold in order to qualify for the grant,” said Mayor Daniel.Accompanying the survey will be a letter explaining its purpose, according to Mayor Daniel.For questions or more information, call City Hall at 248-5111.