ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - SUBSCRIPTION SPECIAL: Print and online delivery of The Post & Mail on sale

Friday 13th special!Receive The Post & Mail at your door or at your computer for a discounted subscription price now through June 17 at 5 p.m. Home delivery of the printed daily edition is offered for 13 months for $99, in-county delivery.An online, full edition of the daily Post & Mail is on sale for 13 months for $79. The online, e-edition is the complete newspaper in a pdf. format. Not getting The Post & Mail? Here’s what you missed in today’s paper:• Reminder of fireworks ordinance• Theme for the 65th Annual Turtle Days Festival and schedule of events• Schedule of local garden walk • Talent show spotlighting Mary Raber students• Update on 'Busco man charged with gun and auto theft• Funny car driver Blane Culp• Advertisements, classifieds, sales and discounts.To take advantage of this subscription special, and to be up to date on Whitley County news, events and sports, contact Sally at 244-5153 or email using “Friday 13th” in the subject line.