ORDINANCE UNLIKELY: Commissioners say no burn ban likely

COLUMBIA CITY – Due to dry conditions and a lack of rain, Columbia City recently issued a burn ban, but the County Commissioners said it is unlikely the county will see a similar ban.Amber said in a situation such as this, the commissioners leave the decision up to the nine fire chiefs in the county to make the determination. Amber said he spoke to the president of the Whitley County Fire Association before the meeting, and he did not want a ban.“That’s not to say there still aren’t dangers out there,” said Amber.The Whitley County Fire Association may be sending out advisories to local media, instructing county residents on how they can avoid dangers and be safe in this situation.“We would like to try not to have a ban if we could possibly keep from it, and even if we need to do something, I think it will be more along the lines of an executive order,” said Amber.With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, the commissioners wonder if the lack of rain will affect normal holiday activities.“I think everyone wants to know what affects it is going to have on the fireworks, and I don’t know,” said Amber.