PARK: Renovations in store for Morsches

COLUMBIA CITY — Updates are in store for Morsches Park as the Columbia City Park Board has announced several upcoming projects. “I think people are going to see almost a reinvention of Morsches Park within a couple months time,” said Mayor Ryan Daniel.According to Columbia City Park Director Mark Green, one of the projects includes the replacement of the park’s main playground.“We’re very excited to replace the playground at Morsches Park,” said Green. “We’ve had issues with that playground since it’s about 22 to 23 years old. We’ve had to put a lot of replacement parts on that in the last four years.”The new playground is estimated to cost approximately $35,000.According to Mayor Daniel, the non-reverting fund that the park board approved to fund the new playground equipment was $160,000 in the hole.“He (Green) has now built it up to the point where he can outright purchase equipment, and I think that has a lot to do with his leadership, and a lot to do with his collaboration,” said Mayor Daniel.Also on the list of renovations are updates to the fencing at DeVol Field, for the baseball and softball diamond as well as updates to the enclosed pavilion bathrooms inside and outside, both to begin this winter.“We are also going to remodel our bathrooms in the pavilion, which is a good positive step to make those look better,” said Green. “Basically, we have four bathrooms now, we’ll be combining those to two so they’ll be one men’s and one woman’s, and they’ll be bigger. One of my park board members is going to help us with that project. He’s done construction so it will make it a lot cheaper than if someone else did it.”