Parking to change to parallel

   Cars parking in the slanted parking spaces on South Main Street in front of Main Bowl have apparently been violating state and local code for some time.
   Indiana state code permits only parallel parking along state highways, except where local ordinances allow otherwise, as Columbia City does downtown, but only along the courthouse square.
   The parking also violates local ordinances, because cars parked there either hang over the sidewalk or are sticking out into the traffic lane, the city’s outside operations director Jeff Walker told the Board of Works Friday.
   To alleviate the problem, those spaces will soon be converted into parallel parking spots.
   “As far as public safety, we feel like this is the best course of action,” Walker said. “Plus there’s ample parking behind the building on the east side, so it’s not like we’re taking parking away from them.”
   He said the Indiana Department of Transportation has already approved changing the parking spaces, and the only thing left to do is consult with the property owner and complete new striping marking the spots, which could be done within a few weeks.