PARKING ORDIANCE: Moved to 2nd reading

COLUMBIA CITY — The Columbia City Common Council moved the Parking Ordinance to second reading at its meeting Tuesday.Councilman Bill Simpson outlined the changes made to the ordinance.“The first change establishes the parking places in front of the sheriff’s department for police vehicles, even though that’s always been in existence,” said Simpson. “It also establishes all of the ones we have out front of the building of City Hall.”According to Simpson, the other big change is taking the parking fine from $5 to $10.The ordinance would also include adding a handicapped spot in the first space, north of the alley, on the west side of Chauncey Street between Van Buren and Market Street as well as placing “no parking” signs on the south side of Ravenwood.“There was also a change that allowed police to impound a vehicle, and charge storage,” said Simpson.While the city does not currently impound vehicles, Mayor Ryan Daniel said that change is in the ordinance in case the city ever does.The ordinance would also designate some parking spaces on the east side of Line Street, south of Market street, for city employees.