Parkview Hospital Unveils the da Vinci

Doctor Brett Weaver demonstrates how the da Vinci performs minimally-invasive surgery.
Staff Writer

COLUMBIA CITY—Parkview Whitley Hospital just introduced their new surgical machine called the da Vinci Si Surgical System on Jan. 29. Parkview Whitley Hospital is the first hospital in Whitley and Kosciusko Counties to offer the advanced surgical platform that involves minimally-invasive technology.

The name came from one of da Vinci’s drawings where he drew a robot drone. Da Vinci’s drawing was the first that depicted a robot drone.

The da Vinci Si Surgical System enables surgeons to perform surgery without having to work at awkward body angles. Before machines like the da Vinci Si Surgical System were developed, surgeries involving the heart and the prostate were done physically with medical instruments. It wasn’t until about 1990 where the first prostate surgery was done telescopically.

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