Personal transportation company expanding into Columbia City

Whether you are unemployed, working yet uneasy driving outside of your comfort zone, require transportation to and from medical appointments or struggle to own a dependable vehicle, Team CKD Transport, LLC is stepping up to the plate and available to lend a helping hand.Established in August, 2008, Team CKD Transport (non-emergency certified within the State of Indiana) is located in Warsaw providing ambulatory and non-ambulatory transportation to and from medical/personal appointments within the state of Indiana.Due to growth in the past two years, the company is excited about their services expanding in the Columbia City area.Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, business personnel consist of Drake and Janis Omstead, their daughter Claudia Archer and colleague Robin Lambert, who had the seed for the business planted.“I was previously working at a retirement facility and one of my residents had his own business and did very well,” Lambert said. The resident told Lambert that a transportation company could be started with just one vehicle. In July, 2007, Lambert shared her entrepreneur ideas with Archer. The dream was becoming reality as the two brainstormed and spent several days researching license and permit policies for a future non-emergency transportation company. “In August of 2008, we really started taking clients on a regular basis,” Archer said. “We had one family mini-van at the time and also had to get liability insurance on the vehicle and any future vehicles.”Going from one transportation vehicle in 2008 to six at the present time, Archer said there are two drivers and one hub located in Columbia City.“Ninety-five percent of our clients are going to medical appointments, but we can take anyone to any appointment,” Archer said. “If (clients) don’t have insurance, then we charge a fee ... we are a Medicaid provider and a lot of our clients don’t have their own vehicle and Medicaid pays for transportation to their medical appointments.”In Indiana, Medicaid will pay for transportation to and from medical appointments if the provider is authorized to bill Medicaid.Team CKD Transport offers increasingly vital services, including transporting ambulatory patients to ancillary departments within the same health-care facility and assisting the disabled (and the elderly) in getting to the hospital. With most baby boomers approaching retirement age, the demand for these services in the United States is on the rise.“We are people-oriented and have always seen this as a mission to be friendly, kind, supportive and a resource center because we know different agencies and communities,” Archer said. “In fact, Robin has worked in the healthcare field since she was 15 years-old. We are known as the friendly company and expect the same from our drivers … after all, how can you have somebody in the front seat with you and not talk to them?”Making sure your loved one has reliable transportation to a medical appointment and other important appointments can be overwhelming and one of a caregiver’s most difficult tasks. Until you are faced with transportation arrangements for a loved one, it doesn’t seem that something so basic should be so hard.“We also provide transportation to dialysis treatments and I recall an early morning call when we told a client we would transport him … when we told him yes he was so grateful,” Drake said. With the business continuing to prosper, Asher is anticipating coverage in Albion, Fort Wayne, South Whitley, North Manchester and various areas in the near future. “When the business took off, every three months we needed a another vehicle,” Archer said. Today, the majority of transportation coverage is in the Warsaw area with the Columbia City just a phone call away, along with nursing home facilities late in the evenings. The business also works closely with the Otis R. Bowen Center, Kosciusko Community Hospital and nursing homes in the surrounding area at this time.To schedule a transportation appointment throughout the state of Indiana, call Team CKD Transport at 574-371-2012 or 574-527-7838.