Phone company reintroduces its Columbia City storefront

Who knew paying your phone bill was a monthly social event when United Telephone had its offices on Chauncey Street?The post office was right across the street, so folks would pick up their mail, walk across the street, and line up around the block to pay their phone bill.The post office is still right across the street but the telephone company’s storefront hasn’t existed for a long time.However, Thursday, the new CenturyLink (previously Embarq, Sprint, and United Telephone) storefront reopened to the delight of customers and the excitement of CenturyLink team members Jack Moore, Market Development Manager; Mike Brill, Vice President of Operations; Jay McIntosh, retail consultant; and Ryan Briggs, also a retail consultant and local resident.The CenturyLink employees said that probably their biggest challenge will be spreading the news that they’re back in town with personal customer service.They hope once folks learn the door is open on Chauncey Street, the anticipate growth will follow. The faces customers will see every day in the store belong to Briggs and McIntosh, a bit of “new age; old school” as Briggs describes. McIntosh has 30 years in the industry and loves “connecting” with the customers.He said his job is to keep customers happy, which he said he loves to do. Briggs, fresh from college and a short stint at Towne Air Freight, brings a natural affinity for the new and ever-changing technology, having grown up with it. “Commerce is very well-supported here in Columbia City,” said Crystal Weigel, Region Project Manager for CenturyLink, out of Mansfield, Ohio. Moore, happy to get out of the office to visit the three Indiana storefronts in Franklin, Warsaw, and Columbia City, said “our communities expect personal service and that’s what we have here.”