PLAN COMMISSION: Commissioners review applications

COLUMBIA CITY — At the Whitley County Commissioners meeting Monday, Executive Director of Planning and Building David Sewell, presented the board with seven applications for the vacant Plan Commission position.“There are certain restrictions regarding where this person has to live,” said Sewell. “It’s basically within the jurisdiction of the county outside the jurisdiction of the towns and cities.”Sewell said according to the addresses on the applications all of the applicants meet that requirement.“For your information, the other requirement that the state establishes of being on the Plan Commission is basically an interest in the county, concerns with development type activity situations,” said Sewell.Sewell said there are also requirements regarding not having all of one party being represented.“No more than three of the members may be of one particular political party,” said Sewell. “Right now, our four remaining citizen members are two and two so it doesn’t matter.”The commissioners said they would make no guarantees on when someone would be selected, but that they would be working hard on the review process.