Preserving the History of Churubusco

Staff Writer

“You need to know where you came from to see where you’re doing.” Churubusco History Center Founder Chuck Mathieu said.

Mathieu’s third generation maternal grandfather was the one who founded the town of Churubusco in 1845. During that time, the residents didn’t know what to call the town until a school teacher thought of the name Churubusco because her brother was fighting in the Mexican-American War. The Churubusco suburb of Mexico City is now referred to as the “Hollywood of Mexico” due to all the movie studios that decorate the town.

“There’s a Churubusco, New York in upstate New York. It’s up near the Canadian border and smaller than this,” Mathieu said.

The Churubusco History Center moved just down the corner from their original location to 201 N. Main Street on April 1. The town of Churubusco is lucky to have such a rich history inspired by the townspeople, schools and local businesses. Plenty of neat items ranging from school supplies, letter jackets, timeless pictures and old war memorabilia decorate the inside of the Churubusco History Center.

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