PRODUCER: 'Busco native works in reality TV

CHURUBUSCO — When Randy Jones was growing up in Churubusco, theatre was a great influence on his life. Now an adult and living in New York City theatre has moved over, and reality television has taken its place.Jones, a son of Eddie and Diane Jones, of Churubusco, is busy working on a new television series for The Learning Channel (TLC) about Amish kids moving to New York City for the summer to explore the modern world.“We are in our final week of shooting in NYC,” said Jones.He is a director and sometimes a supervising producer depending on the show.“I am a freelancer and work project by project. I am on a new show about every six months,” said Jones.How did a man from Turtle Town, USA get a gig like that?“I started as a production assistant and worked my way up. I worked hard and watched the people above me doing there jobs so I could learn what they do,” he said.“But mostly, I had an opinion and a view point. The TV industry is driven by ideas and simply having an opinion is a big part of how I got where I am. I was so lucky to land at my first job with some of the best and brightest in the reality TV world. Those friendships have been critical for moving my career forward,” said Jones.In the past he’s worked on several reality TV shows.“I’ve worked on “Wife Swap” for several seasons. I was lucky to be a part of the Emmy nominated season one of “Undercover Boss.”“I’ve done a series for Arts & Entertainment (A&E) called “Runaway Squad” and “Monster In-Laws,” Animal Planet’s “Underdog to Wonderdog” and HDTV’s “Dina’s Party” and “Home By Novogratz.”Anyone with access to the internet can catch most of these programs with a quick Google search or to simply go to the network’s internet site, i.e. said he does not usually work with famous people but more everyday people. “Everyone has a story if you get to know them,” he said.