QUAKE PLANS: LEPC works on updates

COLUMBIA CITY — The Whitley County Local Emergency Planning Committee held its meeting Wednesday, mainly discussing updated information concerning earthquakes and the Haz Mat (Hazardous Materials) team.Catherine Broxon-Ball, director and chairperson of the committee, said she is currently working on updating the earthquake plan. “So we’re checking to make sure the buildings we have are sheltered and set up for our earthquake plan,” said Broxon-Ball. “Most of them are schools.”Parkview Whitley Hospital recently went through two major trainings on earthquake drills, and the hospital has generators to support every single function in the hospital in case of an emergency.Also on the agenda, Broxon-Ball said the Haz Mat Team needed four more jumpsuits, each costing around $376, and they would be purchased using LEPC grant monies.According to Broxon-Ball, the Haz Mat Team has not decided on a time or date for an exercise scenario, but they know the scenario will be a train derailment.Broxon-Ball also mentioned the Haz Mat team and team members will have some changes to be aware of in the future.“It will be mandatory for the team members to have a pulmonary testing and physical every two to three years,” said Broxon-Ball.The next LEPC meeting will be held Oct. 10 at the County Government Center.