RELAY FOR LIFE: Event details

COLUMBIA CITY ­— Relay for Life will take the field at Indian Springs Middle School on Saturday for a 24 hour fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. Each hour will feature special events and theme laps. Saturday events:•7 a.m. registration opens and a continental breakfast will be served.•9 a.m. start with an opening ceremony. The theme is “Purple Hour.” Participants are encouraged to wear purple.•10 a.m. is “Honk for a Cure.” Walkers are encouraged to bring horns to honk while making their laps. Hit the Floor Dance Studio will perform. At 10:30 a.m. there will be a Soggy Joggy relay.•11 a.m. will feature Caricature Artist, Darlene McCartney and Back to Back Water Balloon Dash contest. The theme for the hour is “Crazy Tie.”•Noon is “Wacky Hat” hour. A lunch of hamburger and hotdogs will be served. Sunbeam the Clown will be present.•1 p.m. will feature a tug of war contest and will be “Bearded Hour.” At 1:45 p.m., survivor Kathy Greenwalt will share her story.•2 p.m. will host the Road to Recovery Race as well as Jail and Bail. The hour is themed, “Clown Hour” and participants are encouraged to dress as a clown.•3 p.m. is “Juggle Hour.” Dilly Bars will be served. From 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. the Mr. Relay Competition will be going on. Men will compete in an evening wear competition to see who can raise the most money. •4 p.m. is the “Strong Man Hour.” The Red Hat Strutters will perform and there will be a watermelon eating contest.•5 p.m. will feature the traditional Survivor Lap and ceremony. Survivor registration will begin at 5 p.m. with a survivor dinner to follow the lap.•6 p.m. is the crowning of Mr. Relay, dinner and “Ribbon Hour.”•7 p.m. is “Polka Dot Hour” where participants are encouraged to wear polka dots. At 7:30 p.m. there will be a game of musical chairs.•8 p.m. will welcome plush animals for the “Animal Hour” as well as a hula hoop contest.•9 p.m. is the Luminary Ceremony. This will begin at dusk and will include a reading of “in memory” and “in honor of” names. • 10 p.m. is “Glow Time Hour.” Walkers can wear their glow in the dark items. There will be a dance party as well.•11 p.m. is the time for relayers to wear a favorite feather boa for the “Boa Hour.”•Midnight welcomes the Midnight Mile for runners and walkers. Pizza will be served as well.Sunday events:•1 a.m. is “Crazy Socks” hour.•2 a.m. will bring out the animal in walkers with the theme, “Howl at the Moon Hour.”•3 a.m. is an hour to sugar up with Mountain Dew and m&m’s.•4 a.m. is “P.J. Hour.”•5 a.m. will be themed “Neon Hour.” There will be a rooster crowing contest.•6 a.m. is the hour to walk around the track in reverse. There will also be a morning worship time as well as awards and recognition.•7 a.m. is themed, “Mismatched Clothes” and breakfast will be served. There will also be Zumba.• 8 a.m. will feature a closing ceremony. At 8:30 a.m. is the final lap around the track.The community is invited to come out for any or all of the events planned even if they are not a part of a team.