REMEMBER THE ORDINANCE: Police look for sidewalks to be cleared

COLUMBIA CITY — The Columbia City Police Department would like to remind citizens that snow and ice need to be removed from sidewalks that are located within city limits. Sidewalks that are covered in snow or ice can be impassable or dangerous to use for pedestrians. Many times pedestrians are forced to walk in the street which is a safety concern. Columbia City Ordinance 97.03 states that sidewalks need to be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours from the time the snow has ceased. If a property is in violation of the ordinance the city may have the snow removed and the occupant would be responsible for the cost.“We understand the large amounts of snow and very cold temperatures make it difficult to keep up with clearing the sidewalks,” said Columbia City Chief of Police Tim Longenbaugh. “However, we encourage citizens to take some time to clear the sidewalks. We encourage citizens to help out their neighbors who may not be able to get their sidewalks cleared.“For those that are elderly, handicapped or physically unable to clear sidewalks, Community Corrections can be requested to assist in the removal process. That department can be reached at 248-3133.Citizens should also move vehicles that are snowed in to allow the street department to properly plow the streets. “Please move your vehicle off the street if possible or to an area that has already had the snow removed,” said Longenbaugh.