REMEMBER WHEN?: OSD timeline provides look into the past

• 1910 — The parade was the talk of the town when 64 of the county’s 174 automobiles were in the procession.• 1912 — The first plane to land in Columbia City gave many their first look at the flying machine. Flown by DeLoyd Thompson and James D. Adams the “Curtis Wright” was the big feature at the fair.• Aug. 20, 1919 — the parade featured the survivors of the Civil War, The Spanish American War and World War I.• 1925 — The Black Horse Troupe, from Culver Military Academy, was the highlight of the parade. King, the educated horse, performed on the bandstand.• 1936 — No cups were given to the oldest citizen because Henry A. Smith, Alonzo Lancaster and Mrs. Margaret Cassel tied.• 1946 — the parade was cancelled because of rain. According to historical records the parade has only ever been rained out on other time, 1989. • October 27, 1981 – Records and scrapbooks were given to the Whitley County Historical Society that were previously believed to have been lost. They were discovered by Wanda Beaber who was sorting belongings of her late husband, Byron, for auction sale.• July 13, 1982 – A first special postmark, commemorating the 79th Old Settlers Day, was available for purchase. A picture of a 1909 replica of the Whitley County Courthouse was used. Also used was the “settlers station” drawn by Richard Ramp, a 21-year employee of the post office.• July 26, 1982 – Gerald Bud Meyer, 1982 Old Settlers Days Association president, became ill and was admitted to the hospital, missing the entire festival. Second Vice President Robert Phillips stood in his place during the week.• July 20, 1983 – Negotiations were held with Johnny’s United Shows after they failed to complete the midway of carnival rides. Johnny’s was completing the final year of a three-year contract. Due to a mechanical breakdown, according to carnival promoters, only nine out of 16 to 20 rides had arrived on time. Negotiations began that Tuesday afternoon and lasted until after 7 p.m. “We came close to closing the whole midway down,”said Old Settlers Days President Robert Phillips. The promoter agreed to provide the rides as soon as possible.