RENTAL RATES: Raise discussion at council mtg.

CHURUBUSCO — Rate hikes were debated at Churubusco’s Town Council meeting Wednesday night. Clerk-Treasurer Madalyn Sade-Bartl suggested increasing the rental fees for the park’s Scout Building to increase revenue and offset upcoming renovation and upgrading costs. The proposed increase would raise the price from $95 to $115, effective Jan. 1, 2013. She explained that most other facilities charge more money. The proposed rate increase would make Churubusco’s Scout Building rental fee more comparable.Park Superintendant Rick Krider disagreed, saying “the last rate increase had been a couple years ago, and patrons had been lost because of it.” He felt more patrons would again be lost with another hike so soon, regardless of remodeling and upgrades to the building. He suggested a rate increase in 2014 instead of 2013, and pointed out that Churubusco is “a conservative community.”Sade-Bartl countered saying, “I am confident the building would still rent at that price, especially when the website is completed with pictures, descriptions of the amenities and the new renovations can be seen.”She also suggested adding a $25 security fee, pointing out that most other buildings charge between $110-$125 as a security deposit. Krider cautioned against this saying “in my 16 years I have never seen damages. We have tried deposits in the past. It had been a mess to return the money, so we dropped the deposit program.”Mark Pepple suggested a compromise saying “I don’t think now is the time to raise fees, but perhaps more publicity would help generate more revenue for the building. If people knew it was available, they would rent it.”The resolution to increase the rental fee was tabled, while the resolution to create a security deposit was passed. The new security deposit will be in the amount of $25, but those with existing contracts will be grandfathered in.