COLUMBIA CITY — Some are disappointed. Some are excited. Some are indifferent.Regardless if a person is Republican, Democrat or Independent, Tuesday’s election will affect the lives of citizens across the U.S.Though President Barack Obama won by nearly 100 electoral votes, Whitley County’s turnout didn’t match up with the rest of the country. 58.24 percent of Whitley County voted for Governor Mitt Romney, while 29.41 percent chose Obama.Whitley County residents weighed in on The Post & Mail’s Facebook page after the election:“I think Americans have lost their minds!,” Adam Huntley of Columbia City said. “Our children and grandchildren will be left with a country too deep in debt. The nation will suffer for many generations to come.”Indiana also sided with Romney, by 54 percent to 44 percent margin.Bobbie Funk, also of Columbia City, said, “I’m relieved that the other states got it right.”Michelle Morrison, Columbia City, had similar feelings.“I am rejoicing! I feel Obama is the right choice for the future of America! As Bobbie (Funk) said, ‘Relieved that the other states got it right.’ So glad Mr. Obama will be there for another four years.”Columbia City resident Nancy Fenker had a much different opinion.“We as a nation are doomed. America as we have always known her, will be no more. It is now time to impeach Mr. Obama for the crimes he has committed against her people. We truly are a country divided now.”For an opportunity to see your opinion in print, visit The Post & Mail’s Facebook page to join in the conversation.