Road boring put on hold

COLUMBIA CITY — The Columbia City Board of Works and Safety is delaying approval of a change in process to boring under Radio Road in order to run sewer lines under the road and railroad tracks.According to the city’s Outside Operations Manager Jeff Walker, a traditional method of boring under the road wasn’t working due to soil conditions.Walker said a technique known as jack and bore was tried but that problems arose with soil. He explained that a pit, known as a launch pit is dug on one side of where the boring will begin.An auger cuts through the soil, followed behind by a steel casing in which sewer pipe can be easily inserted.“The soils were such that it was caving in, leaving voids outside of the casing and that can cause settling,” Walker said.Outside engineers and contractors are suggesting a different method known as hammering, where the casing will be driven through the soil without the prior augering.Once the casing is through, the auger will remove soil from inside the casing.If the hammering method is used, Walker said, crews will be working on site round the clock. The board tabled approving the change in method until Friday’s