ROAD SEALING: Highway gives updates on programs

COLUMBIA CITY — At Monday’s County Council meeting, Michael Barton, highway department superintendent, gave an update on the department’s sealing program that started Tuesday. “Johnson Road will be the first road we start on,” said Barton. “We’ll actually get primed in the morning and start sealing.” Barton said the department would also go down to 800 S., 700 E. and a few other roads in the area. The department is working to go back over all the roads they double sealed in 2009-10. As far as working on single seals, Barton said there are about 70 miles of road.“It’s planned so we should be able to do it,” said Barton. Work on the dust program is completed.“There was a little bit of a change there with our budget cutting,” said Barton. “Most of the counties around us are throwing it out where they’re not even doing it anymore.”Barton also said the highway department will have made one complete round of mowing throughout the entire county.“That’s well ahead of the state if you’ve seen where they’re at, and the size of their grass right now,” said Barton.