Round 2 goes to Whitko in county rivalry

   CHURUBUSCO — It was a cross-county battle Thursday night when the Whitko Lady Wildcats traveled up State Road 205 to take on the Churubusco Lady Eagles.
   The Lady ‘Cats were victorious in three matches, but it wasn’t easy 25-17, 25-7, 25-18.
   “It was nice to battle and watch some really aggressive volleyball,” ‘Busco head coach Trinda Goings said.
   The first game was a tight match until Whitko scored six unanswered points to end the game at 25-18.
   ’Busco jumped out to an early 4-1 lead in the second game, but was only able to score three more times, with Whitko snatching a quick 25-7 win.
   The credit for the third and final game can be handed to Whitko junior Karissa Olinske, who scored eight consecutive points with her jump serve.
   Olinske covered all areas of the court, bringing in six digs, five kills, three aces, and two blocks for the Lady ‘Cats.
   “She (Olinske) did a very nice job with the jump serve, it scored a lot of points for us,” Whitko head coach Doug West said.
   Even with Whitko leading 21-11, the Lady Eagles never gave up, out-scoring the Lady ‘Cats 7-4 in the final volleys of the game.
   “I was pleased more than anything with that third game, we were down and we didn’t give up,” Goings said.
   With six underclassmen on the varsity team, ’Busco is still working on maturing into a varsity team.
   “It’s the same old story, we’re young and we’re plugging away,” Goings said.
   The frontlines of both teams were slamming the ball back and forth between each other throughout the night.
   Whitko’s Rachelle Kessie picked up four blocks and Stephanie Camden had 11 digs.
   “We served extremely well and our setter-hitter relationship was really strong, we got a lot of good hard swings at the ball and scored a lot of points at the net,” West said.
   Junior Heather Monk did well for ’Busco, with 13 digs, five kills, and two solo blocks.
   In JV play, the Lady Eagles were victorious in two quick games, winning 25-12 and 25-15.
   Busco travels to Harding Saturday for an invitational, while Whitko takes a break for the weekend to prepare for the Columbia City Eagles Monday.
   “We’d like to win this match as well to be the strong team in the county, that’s our goal,” West said.