S. Whitley spellers compete in state event

SOUTH WHITLEY — South Whitley Elementary School’s Spell Bowl teams recently competed in state-wide event in Wabash at the Honeywell Center. According to coaches, the fifth grade team did not fare as well as hoped. The group competed in the small-school division for fifth graders, but were not able to field a full team. Members of the fifth grade team were Gracie French, Brendan Dilley, Lillianna Lortie, Dale Reiff and Kaige Michael.Fourth-grade spellers Riley Richardson and Wyatt Slusher joined the fifth-grade team to assist. Elizabeth Waterfield was unable to compete due to illness.Coaches said the fourth grade team did well finishing in first place out of the two teams in the fourth-grade division. The team also ranked 39 out of 60 teams competing in the state-wide competition. Members of the team were Kaitlin Anderson, Austin Kreps, Kaycee Knutson, Ethan Neer, William Rickerd, Danielle Schuman, Jack Shoemaker and Mason Streby.