Senior Center gets lessons on significance of flag folds

Commander Ernest Brindley and Honor Guard Chuck Beery demonstrated how to properly fold a flag for a veteran’s funeral.
Staff Writer

Whitley County Council on Aging presented a flag folding ceremony on Friday, May 17 in honor of our veterans.
Commander Ernest Brindley and veterans of the Korean War demonstrated proper flag folding for a veteran’s funeral service.
“It was an opportunity to see this particular ceremony, and also to honor our veterans. We have a number of veterans who attend here regularly. Both men and women. We are very glad to have them know that we appreciate their sacrifice, and this was a nice opportunity to show that,” Whitley County Council on Aging Executive Director Sallaway said.
Sallaway wanted to highlight the hard work Commander Brindley and other veterans do.
“We were approached by the honor guard about the possibility of this presentation that they’re doing. And we were thrilled that they were available, and offered us that opportunity to showcase what they do, and also they have donated a flag. They really go out of their way to be helpful and accommodate veterans in our community, and it’s an amazing group, and we’re really proud to be a part of what they’re doing,” Sallaway said.