SETTING A RECORD AT SETTING RECORDS: Warm days in a row nearly most in history

COLUMBIA CITY — As the temperature continues to climb, making people wonder if summer has arrived early, the highs are breaking records for the month of March.Michael Sabones, meterologist in charge at the National Weather Service in North Webster, said in the month of March, Fort Wayne recorded breaking over a week of record temperatures. “Our normal temperatures for March are 49 for the high and 30 for the low,” said Sabones. “Even our low temperatures are well above what our normal high should be.”Beginning March 14, the temperature was recorded to reach a high of 79 degrees, setting one record after the next. According to Fort Wayne records, March 15, the high reached 81 degrees, marking the earliest 81-degree day in the calendar year.Also, the warmest average temperature for March on Fort Wayne record is 48.1 degrees in 1946. In 1910, there were ten consecutive days of record-breaking weather in March over 70 degrees.Sabones said the cause of the warm temperatures are most likely a continued product of La Nina.“Basically, the jet stream is arching well north,” said Sabones. “We’ve had high pressure from this.”Sabones said La Nina is something Northern Indiana sees a third of the time, and while Fort Wayne recorded a normal amount of snowfall this winter — even due to the warmer temperatures — it is the month of March that is showing the biggest change of them all.“It’s just keep going,” said Sabones. “But, Thursday’s temperatures may threaten the record.”