Shining stars

Mary Raber Elementary School recently celebrates its January Shining Stars.  The following students were recognized this month for using their life skills, treating people right, and doing the right thing — Kindergarten: Ellie Fox, Kourtny Cody, Brooke Tyler, Noah Smith and Alyson King. First grade: Bailey Dunk, Ella Walter, Caleb Summers, Trey Whitacre, Kendal Bockleman and Jennasey Aikey. Second grade: Zoey Egner, Natalie Minks, Eden John and Emmalee Hammons. Third grade: Kaylen Hendricks, Markus Steele (not pictured), Elise Winebrenner and Mariah Adkins. Fourth grade: Zoe Collings, Ataiya Cody, Brooke Lickey and Jessica Thompson. Fifth grade: Eliza Leonard, Chloe Roemke, Ethan Crowell and Natalie Williams. Students were treated to a pizza luncheon and an ice cream cake.