COLUMBIA CITY — The county council motioned to approve the president of the Whitley County EDC Alan Tio’s request for a revolving loan fund (RLF) Wednesday.The request was made for a small business called Neptune’s Keep.Jacob Bartlett, the owner of the agricultural shrimp farming business in southern Indiana, said he wants to expand, and he is considering locating in Whitley County.Bartlett said he has been raising White Pacific shrimp indoors for the past two years, with successful growth in the business.“We are finding that we can’t produce enough to meet the demands of just the local people,” said Bartlett. “Now we’re ready to expand and make a commercial facility.”Bartlett said the reason he is looking to expand in Whitley County is due to the fact that he wants to be located off of U.S. 30.“We’re trying to weigh our odds of building a new facility or using an existing building,” said Bartlett.After questions from the council, they agreed to the request. “I think it’s very intriguing that you want to locate in our area,” said county council member Paula Reimers.