SHRIMP: EDC requests tax abatement for shrimp operation

LARWILL — In an effort to encourage growth in the Town of Larwill and utilize the former Larwill High School, Whitley County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) President Alan Tio and Economic Development District and Regional Planning Commission Executive Director Jim Atz, attended the Larwill town council meeting Thursday evening requesting a tax abatement.“I was actually able to meet with a group trying to raise money for an entrepreneur program in Northeast Indiana,” Tio said. “We have a request we would like to bring to the council for consideration. It’s a different type of request which is actually made by the property owner (Jerry Reiff).”In October 2008, Jerry Reiff ( owner of Reiff Construction LLC) renovated the old Larwill High School gymnasium located on 414 East North Street and constructed new adjacent office areas as well. “The former high school gymnasium has been renovated into a very nice manufacturing warehouse facility,” Tio said. “What we have is a company we have worked with for six months or more to locate a new facility in Northeast Indiana to produce shrimp.”The new business will be named Neptune’s Keep owned by Jacob Bartlett which will offer three new jobs within the next few years and increasing to approximately 15 employees long term.“This is a new farming process which will produce pacific white shrimp for sale for the general public and restaurants,” Tio said. “I worked with Jacob on the business planning and put together an abatement request to help get that business opened up and see it take shape here in Larwill.”