Six file for WCCS seats

Incumbents Don Armstrong, Tim Bloom and Brooks Langeloh will face opponents for their seats on the Whitley County Consolidated School Board this fall.Voters will vote for two representatives from Columbia City and one each from Thorncreek and Columbia townships. Armstrong represents the city district and will have challenges from three opponents, Herschel Aumsbaugh, Christopher Bechtold and Eric Horvath. The city has two open seats. Current board member Nicki Baker has decided not to re-run for her seat, meaning that at least one of the three challengers will be seated on the board.Bloom, an attorney, faces a head-to-head challenge from fellow attorney Terry L. Smith for the Columbia Township seat. Two candidates, Richard Eckert and Leah Heaston, are opposing incumbent Brooks Langeloh to represent Thorncreek Township. Smith-Green Community Schools will keep the status quo. Incumbents Tanya Young and Cathy Petrie were the only candidates to file and will retain their seats.