SMITH-GREEN SCHOOLS: Building plan meets no resistance

CHURUBUSCO — Smith-Green Community School board members have heard no negative comments regarding the corporation’s $6 million building plan for the school as of Monday.This is according to the board at its second public work session on a proposed building project.Steve Darnell, superintendent of SGCS, explained to the full room of people and the board two proposed timetables and lease financing.The first time table for the building project that was less than $2 million has no required remonstrance period.The second was for the full building project that would go over $2 million and included remonstrance timeframe.Greg Wehling, vice president of Moake Park, for the second time explained the proposed building plan suggested by the Strategic Planning Committee of the school.Knowing the board was leaning toward taking on the full project Wehling and his team proposed 27 items that would be completed.“The main concern is the cafeteria,” said WehlingAs was discussed in the first meeting all students at SGCS eat in the same cafeteria. Students at Churubusco Elementary School begin lunch at 10:45 a.m. and always use the cafeteria annex for overflow. Students at Churubusco Junior Senior High School finish eating lunch at 1:45 p.m.The second item were security vestibules both at the high school and elementary. The current canopy between the schools will be replaced.“The second big project is the heating, vent and air condition (HVAC). The ceiling is antiquated. Wayne Krider, maintenance supervisor, is having trouble replacing the tiles. He has to special order them because they are not the normal size,” said Wehling.