SOUNDING OFF: Churubusco residents air grievances

CHURUBUSCO — Public complaints and comments took priority at the Churubusco Town Council meeting Wednesday.No old or new business was on the agenda but the public comment took precedence.Wayne Yager, Churubusco citizen, spoke about the lack of enforcement on the junk car ordinance.“It’s my understanding that a car that is unable to move under its own power is the meaning of a junk car in Churubusco,” said Yager.“What would it take to get the junk car ordinance from the bottom of the priority list to the top?” he asked.Yager said he had called Madalyn Sade-Bartl, clerk/treasurer, regarding a couple of cars he considered junk cars. Sade-Bartl said she gave the complaint to Churubusco Police Officer Adam Swinehart.Yager responded, “I don’t know how the enforcement of this ordinance works, but it’s been at least 10 to 11 months since those cars have been sitting there.”Frank Kessler, Town Council president, told Yager that he would talk to Town Marshall Chad Fulkerson.Comments from Cathy and Brian Campbell concerned an easement in the Sunny Slope Addition.“We’re questioning what can be done with our easement behind Windsor Dr. that heads towards Douglas St.,” said Cathy Campbell.“We have water up to the rafters in our home. We have a new swimming pool. Do we need to dig it out?”Brian Campbell said, “It’s flooding our crawl space. We have seen 10,000 gallons flow through there in a matter of hours.”Jeremy Hart, town supervisor, was on hand to address the problem and he will meet with the couple on Friday.In his report, Hart reported the sewer camera is working well and he is finishing up the valves issues. “We are going to mow for the next two days,” said Hart. “After that I have six state engineers who are waiting on the sign inventory.”Bob Hyatt, waste water treatment supervisor, left a written report that said all reports and maintenance schedules were current.Kessler reported the Popcorn Stand mural was up at the corner of Whitley and Main Streets.