STILL ON...FOR NOW: Mayor says Col. City fireworks not canceled, yet

COLUMBIA CITY — As of now, Columbia City’s fireworks are still planned to take place on July 3 at Morsches Park.“With the lack of rain and hot conditions and dried grass, it’s a pretty good issue,” said Mayor Ryan Daniel.Although the city is still under a burn ban, Daniel said it usually rains once during the upcoming Old Settlers Days, and he is hoping that pattern will continue, or that Columbia City will see rain over that weekend.“If for some reason we choose to cancel for safety reasons, I could imagine a decision will be made by the Monday before the fireworks,” said Daniel.Daniel is staying in contact with Fire Chief Thomas LaRue to monitor the conditions.He added that there isn’t a magic amount of rainfall that will make or break the city’s fireworks plans.A good rain to dampen the ground would be a welcome start, he said.“If we cancelled the fireworks, we would try to reschedule for a different day,” said Daniel.Daniel said while fireworks companies tend to have good insurance to cover most damages, it is best to be on the safe side in the event that it is too dangerous to risk.Mark Green, park director, said while surrounding cities like Fort Wayne have recently received a decent amount of rain, Columbia City still has yet to see anything promising come its way.Green also said as far as recreational activities at the park are concerned, the conditions have been far from normal for this time of year.“We haven’t had any rain delays for games, and we’ve got dust problems,” said Green.