STORM ISSUES: County seeks improvement

COLUMBIA CITY — With downed trees and damaged roofs as a reminder of Friday’s powerful storm, Whitley County officials thanked everyone who responded and addressed certain problematic issues as departments tried to do their jobs effectively.County Commissioner Don Amber said one of the biggest issues occurred when the Emergency Management Agency, EMA, called him to tell him the Emergency Operations Center was activated and he was told the internet was down.Sheriff Mark Hodges said the issue is currently being addressed.“They are installing a second line through a separate company,” said Hodges. “Basically, it will be tied in a manner where if one of them fails, the other picks right up.”Another issue the county had during the storm was the radios.“It’s just something I think we need to take a look at,” said Amber. “Anything that is absolutely critical needs a redundant system with backup.”Amber also mentioned that the county’s insurance company has hired a tree service to take down the trees on the courthouse lawn and get the area cleared out.