SUNDAY DELUGE TRANSITIONS TO BLISSFUL MONDAY: Downpour and high wind wraps weekend

he area south of Columbia City on Washington Road experienced especially heavy rainfall and high winds during Sunday evening’s isolated storm. Large evergreen trees were toppled and branches snapped
Staff Writer

Whitley Countians are enjoying a blissfully gorgeous Monday, with temps in the low 80s and blue skies.

But such was not the case at the conclusion of the weekend.

A strong thunderstorm cell early Sunday evening cut a swath across Whitley County, dropping more than an inch of rain with strong winds that toppled trees and broke off branches.

The isolated storm cell erupted after a hot early June day that saw temperatures reach the high 80s and top 90 in some parts of Whitley County.

The deluge hit Whitley County about 6 p.m. and continued for an hour before moving east, southeast.