Survey asks: What do you want to see from your parks?

COLUMBIA CITY — In an effort to continually improve the town’s park facilities and recreational programs, the Columbia City Park Board has created a public survey in order to seek the community’s input.“We appreciate the public’s use of the parks facilities — we encourage it,” park board president Kelley Sheiss said at the January monthly meeting. “And in doing so, we are trying to provide the best facilities with the resources we have available at this time with a limited budget.”The survey consists of approximately 20 questions pertaining to all park facilities, recreational programs, funding, maintenance, services, future of the Burnworth Memorial Pool and expenses which are incurred annually with the pool. Expenses for the pool continue to exceed revenues and major repairs are an ongoing concern among park board members.Surveys are available at the Morsches Park office, Peabody Public Library, City Hall and online at or the Columbia City Parks Facebook page. The park board urges all Whitley County residents to complete the survey by March 25.A public meeting will be held once results of the survey have been tabulated. Completed surveys can be dropped off at the park office between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. or mailed to the Morsches Park.“We want to know how the community feels, and how we should spend any future funding as far as improvements for all park facilities and programs,” Park Director Mark Green said. “This is an opportunity for the community to express their opinions concerning the programs, activities and the quality of our parks.”Park board members include: Kelley Sheiss, president; Mark Ellis, vice president; Mauri Bordner, recorder; Dennis Warnick, member; and Tammy Nickolson, serving as an intern for Leadership Whitley County.