Technology offering new ways to educate

Staff Writer

Whitley County Consolidated Schools has given their students Chromebooks, and have done so for the older students for a few years now. The decision to do this came out of a desire to help support education in the classroom while also equipping students with tools they need in order to complete work, whether at school or at home.
Columbia City High School math teacher Katie Merkling admitted that technology has improved vastly compared to what she learned in college while receiving her teaching degree. There’s a sense of preparedness that’s not always taught in college.
“When I was in college in the Technology for Educator’s class, we did Power Point, Word and Excel. We all know how to do it. Computer classes are going away. It’s changing rapidly,” Merkling said.
She added though that the Chromebooks should be considered a tool, not a replacement for an educator in the classroom.
“It’s a thing in the toolbox, not the entire toolbox. It’s not a substitute for us. It’s understanding there’s a teacher behind e-learning, and teachers are willing to help their students,” Merkling said.

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