TRAIL: Construction starts this week

COLUMBIA CITY — After meeting with the engineer and the trail general contractor for the Blue River Trail’s extension project last week, Columbia City Community Development Director Jeff Walker said slight modifications have been made to the exact routing and elevations of the trail.“You would never know because it’s just a matter of inches,” said Walker. “It does allow us better drainage of the field, and also to save some additional trees.”Walker said Niblock Excavating Inc. will begin cutting in the trail at some point this week, and Hamilton Hunter has ordered the bridge material. As soon as that material is in, construction will begin on the bridge.According to Walker, both Niblock and Hamilton Hunter are trying to finish the project by this year.“The bridge should take less time than the trail,” said Walker.“If the trail doesn’t get finished this year then the bridge won’t be open either because it won’t be safe.”In the event that the project is not completed by this year, the companies plan to finish the remainder next spring.