TREE PLAN: City council amends ordiannce

COLUMBIA CITY — The Columbia City Common Council approved an ordinance amending Chapter 99 of the Tree Plan.“There was a letter from the Tree Board that came last meeting, and it had some changes in there,” said Mayor Ryan Daniel.“They were mainly administrative changes in regards as to who is holding the tree plan and who is basically the individual in charge of the trees.”The amendment called for the person authorized to exercise powers to read “Tree Board President” instead of “Director of Community Development.”According to the amended ordinance in its entirety, no one is allowed to plant, transplant or remove any tree located on public land except on a location where it will be in confirmation with the Tree Plan.Also, a landowner or private contractor who plants, removes or prunes any tree in or on public land must give notice of the activity to the Street Tree Director. Applications to obtain yearly permits to feed, fertilize, trim or protect trees on public property must be obtained from the Clerk Treasurer.The motion was made to approve on second reading.