UWWC: Future campaign co-chairs to step up

COLUMBIA CITY — 2012 Campaign Co-Chairs Jacqueline Worrick and June Keiser will step up to the plate to face Whitley County of United Way’s challenges ahead in September. “I am so glad to have these two women on board,” said UWWC’s director Cindy Baker. Worrick and Keiser both accepted the request to be Campaign Co-Chairs, a volunteer position, in order to give back to their community. The announcement was made at UWWC’s annual breakfast in June.“We just want to enhance the organization and be able to fund the member agencies,” said Worrick. Keiser said community contributions to the United Way are going to play a major role, as they both work on ways to reach out to people who can give their time or monetary donations.“It seems like it’s easier if everybody gets involved,” said Keiser. “The United Way does a lot of good things in the community so we’re just trying to get everybody on board.”As spokespersons for the UWWC, Worrick and Keiser’s responsibilities will include the following: overall planning and implementation of the campaign, attend and provide leadership for all campaign-related activities and meet with the Chief Professional Officer (CPO) in January, work with staff to develop a case for giving that will be communicated throughout the campaign, recruit Lead Ambassadors according to the timeline, convene the Campaign Committee on a regular basis, along with the input from Lead Ambassadors, establish a campaign goal and meet periodically throughout the year with the Board of Directors.Both women have high hopes for the UWWC’s new director Cindy Baker as well as their own involvement in making the next year a successful year.“We are hoping to have a super, fantastic year,” said Keiser. “The biggest collection year ever.”