VIRAL COLLAPSE: 'Busco prom night starts out a bit scary

CHURUBUSCO — After prom is supposed to be fun. But some Churubusco students are having way too much fun with what happened right before prom and getting national attention for it.Thirteen teens were dressed in their finest and getting pictures taken before Churubusco Senior High School’s prom last Saturday at the home of the Blake family when the deck they were standing on collapsed.The students and their parents had decided to meet at Chandler Blake’s home just across from the I.U. Pond north of Churubusco on U.S. 33.Margaret and Greg Blake, Chandler’s parents, had been through the picture-taking the year before, but it was a rainy day and they only went out on their deck for a short time to take pictures. All went well. So it was set, the 13 best friends went out on the deck. They were waiting on Haleigh Gross to come out and … whoosh — the deck cracked in half and the friends went straight down to the ground 10 feet below.Included in the fall were Morgan Young, Chandler Blake, Emily Hively, Tori Harris, Logan Caskey, Brett Miller, Tyler Arrowsmith, Parker Conrad, Zack Adams, Tyler Nevil and Layne Fulk.Chris and Tanya Young, parents of Morgan, were filming it both with video and digital camera and throughout the video one can hear Tanya taking a deep breath and saying “Oh my gosh!”“It was pretty crazy,” said Tori Harris. “It’s a great way to spice up a night.”“I asked if that had just happened. It all happened so fast,” said Parker Conrad.Out of the 13, Conrad received a small cut on his wrist and Emily Hively hurt her knee.“My pants were ripped and it cost me $70,” said Tyler Arrowsmith.“Seventy dollars is a small price to pay since no one was seriously injured,” said Margaret Blake.In the video one can hear the screams.“The screams mostly came from our moms but I was the loudest,” said Taylor Fry, who watched it happen.“I think I got it on video Morgan,” said Tanya right after the fall.She did and Chris put it on YouTube. It’s been viewed over 4,000 times. Matt Lauer of NBC’s Today Show got wind of it and NBC TV is sending a camera crew to the Blake’s home for a live feed at 7:30 a.m. Saturday. There are three videos of the deck incident at 5485Chris and it is entitled “Churubusco Prom Deck Collapse.” (The link is at the end of this article).“It was amazing,” said Margaret. “None of the girls’ shoes were broken and they were wearing spiked heals. They all looked so beautiful. After they all fell to the ground and we checked them for injuries we took them over to the front yard and got pictures. Then they went to prom.”“It’s a great way to end our senior year,” said Conrad. “We will remember this for the rest of our lives.”