WCCS: Board views report on ETA

COLUMBIA CITY — At the Whitley County Consolidated School board work session Monday, Superintendent Dr. Patricia O’Connor shared a memo with the board concerning a report made on Eagle Tech Academy.O’Connor said Todd Hurst, who is the School Development Coordinator for the Center of Excellence in Leadership and Learning (CELL), was given the task to report to the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) about the progress of Eagle Tech Academy this year. “If you recall, Eagle Tech received a grant of $125,000, and this is monitored by CELL out of the University of Indianapolis,” said O’Connor.According to Hurst’s memo, he submitted a report to the IDOE May 30 and stated, “The students at Eagle Tech seem to be taking full advantage of their unique opportunity. In all of my visits, the students have been excited, respectful and fully engaged in their learning. Furthermore, they are able to speak to their own learning process and articulate why Eagle Tech Academy is a good fit for them.”Hurst also said Director Brady Mullett has done a good job in keeping professional development high on the agenda as most of the state grant was used to support PBL (Project-Based Learning) training and professional learning environments for the staff. He estimated at full implementation, Eagle Tech will house approximately 400 students.“Cell is very excited about the possibilities for Eagle Tech Academy,” said Hurst.“The district has made it a goal that it creates one of the best new techs, not only in the state, but also the country. After one year of implementation, they have taken positive steps toward that goal.”